linear LED
lighting systems

Perfect lighting conditions
by GALAXY® profiles

The profile is connected to the PL10 LED CONSTRUCTION profile/cable with a universal duct using a click system. The complete wiring is professionally and safely stored in the PL10 LED CONSTRUCTION profile/cable universal duct.

The end caps provided for this are made of aluminium and are secured with the supplied screws. Mounting springs (e.g. for fixing in plasterboards) available from GALAXY® profiles or screws are used to mount the linear LED lamp to the support or building fabric. With the corresponding wire suspension (sheathed cables with 150 cm length as well as a load capacity of 75 kg per cable), the LED lamp becomes a timeless, aesthetic and above all functional linear LED pendant lamp.

For demanding installation on sloped ceilings (ceiling canopy), the jointed gripper is used in addition to the wire suspension. (The individual components for the linear LED lamp systems can be found in the accessories of the respective profile series!)

Independent linear LED lighting systems
for every conceivable requirement

Linear LED lighting systems from GALAXY® profiles are perfect LED lighting solutions that are particularly convincing with the high ecological and economic energy efficiency.

  • The simple and easy installation,
  • an integrative product design and
  • the freely selectable properties of the LED flex strips with respect to the lighting performance (watts), luminous flux (lumens), colour temperature (Kelvin), colour reproduction (CRI/Ra) offer virtually unlimited application possibilities.

These stand-alone linear LED lighting systems from GALAXY® profiles are fitted with the corresponding LED Stripes as needed and can be used as

  • general room lighting for residential, office, conference, meeting, presentation and working spaces (direct or indirect LED lighting),
  • staging LED decorative lighting,
  • atmospheric LED effect lighting or also for
  • object-gentle LED shop, display / showcase lighting.

In the hotel and gastronomy business, linear LED lighting systems create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for the guests. In the work areas, foyers, corridors and technology/supply rooms, they offer the employees sufficient brightness for a safe and accident-free work.

Independent linear LED lighting systems with cable duct – PL10

Independent linear LED lighting systems